IMPACT Driven.
Each of our team member shares a genuine passion for making a positive impact on the world through our work.
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A new vision
Our vision is to transparently capture the external impacts companies have on the environment and society to drive both investor and managerial decision-making. Recognizing the lack of comparable ESG measurements, we aim to fill this gap by providing actionable signals for investors and companies. By measuring real impacts and connecting them to accounting statements through monetization, we bring crucial impact considerations to the ESG investing market. Just as financial accounting is essential for capital markets, we believe impact-weighted financial accounts are vital for markets driven by sustainability, and RGS is at the forefront of this transformation.
We’re only just getting started on our journey
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We’re an ambitious team
Each of our team members shares a genuine passion for making a positive impact on the world through our work. We built our platform with the vision to provide data and analytics directly addressing the inadequacies of current ESG solutions, and enabling investors and corporates to meet the needs of clients and regulators.
Product focus
We move beyond traditional ESG metrics by quantifying the impacts of the products and services that companies produce.
Quantified impacts
Our analytics engine translates ESG data into monetary values for easy comparison across industries and impact dimensions, and integration into financial modeling frameworks.
Outcome metrics
Our impact assessments are based on concrete outcome metrics rather than inputs or intentions to avoid greenwashing.
Multiple use cases
Our platform allows investors to analyze all asset classes (public companies, private companies, securitized products, etc.) using a consistent impact framework.
Research based
Our models are based on a robust, researched methodology, aligned with impact-weighted accounting principles.
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meet our team
Our people are our biggest asset. Combining strong academic backgrounds with extensive experience across technology, data science, finance and sustainability, each individual brings a unique set of talents to the team. We all share an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create a mission-driven company.
meet the team
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Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for smart people.
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meet the board
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